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[if: $session_client_id=="102474" && $session_SSO_enabled===true] [var: 'subcommand' = "show SSO-only details"] [Include: 'includes/fmc.inc.lasso'] [/if] [var: 'subcommand' = 'setupDescriplicationElements'] [Include: 'description.inc.lasso'] [If: $session_job_title != 'Future Opportunities'] [if: (var: 'status_description_jobinfo')!='Yes Full' && (var: 'status_description_jobinfo')!='Yes' && (var: 'job_date_deactivated') != '' && (var: 'session_client_id') != 101788]
This position is no longer open, but you are welcome to submit your information so that we have it on hand for future similar positions. [if: !$session_job_is_confidential] Also, if you haven't already, please be sure to set up a notifier so you will be alerted when there are new positions that meet your criteria. [/if]
[else: $session_job_is_full_service]
The following description is quite detailed. Our intention is to provide insight into the opportunity so that you can make a well-informed choice. [if: $session_job_id_group=="9900896"] Please note: in order to be considered for this position, you will need to fill in each of the forms that follow in this online application system, including a complete online employment application at the end. Thank you for your attention to this detail! [/If]
[(var: 'video_insert')][Output: $job_desc, -EncodeRaw]
[If: !$session_job_is_confidential]
[var: 'session_company_name'] is an equal opportunity employer. EOE M/F/D/V
[/If] [Include: 'includes/facebook_like.lasso'] [Else]
Please use the form to the right to submit your information.
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Your Name [var: 'displayName' = $session_application_form->(Find: 'first_name')] [if: $displayName!=''] [$displayName += " "$session_application_form->(Find: 'last_name')] [/if]
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